Uganda country assessment on affordable and accessible remittances for forcibly displaced persons and host communities

Jun 30, 2018 | A. Ng’weno, S. Mburu, A. Gachoka et al. | UNCDF, UNHCR

This country assessment provides an overview of the demand, supply and regulatory constraints that forcibly displaced persons (FDPs) face, especially, when accessing formal remittance channels and present key situation findings and reflections from a diverse set of stakeholders that will support humanitarian and development agencies to determine: i) ways to improve access to affordable and reliable regulated remittance services. (Findings would inform specific technical and financial assistance/interventions); and ii) whether or not there is a viable business case to link remittances to broader financial services such as credit, savings, insurance, or payment.

Theme: Financial Inclusion, Remittances | Country: Uganda | Pages: 95