Basel II & III

Webinar: Banking Supervision - Basel II and Basel III

Apr 25, 2019 | Global: Online

Join Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A) and the Association of African Central Banks (AACB) for the Webinar Series on Banking Supervision

Webinar 7: "Basel II and Basel III" _ 25 April 2019 @ 01 pm GMT (Abidjan/Dakar) / 02 pm (Lagos) / 03 pm (Cape Town/ Frankfurt)/ Harare/Lusaka Paris) / 4 pm (Nairobi)


The webinar will focus on the evolution of the Basel regulatory capital requirements, Basel II, and Basel III. Determination of the capital requirements under Pillar 2 (incl. operational risk capital), the supervisory review process under Pillar 2, and the supervisory review process under Pillar 3. New concepts: TLAC, MREL – quality of capital, enhanced capital requirements, countercyclical buffer, and minimum liquidity standard. The module will also cover how capital changes impact strategic planning as well as a practical approach for developing a capital contingency plan. Banking institutions should ideally take appropriate steps to assess and address the potential consequence of a business disruption emanating from whatever source (capital, liquidity and funding, service providers, natural disasters, etc).


Mr. Amarendra Mohan (Presenter) has more than three decades of professional experience – including 9 years in Basel. 

Mrs. Rachael Mushosho (Moderator) is a MEFMI Accredited Fellow and Deputy Director in Bank Supervision Division, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.